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Library and Archive - Introduction

The Museum Library and Archive contains a record of publications and other written material relevant to the history of offshore radio.

There is much material still to be added and the ultimate goal is to provide a fully comprehensive  record of publications  - so if you know of any not yet included please contact the Museum. (Details right).

The Library contains details of written publications - books, booklets, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, fanzines etc

The Archive (which is not yet open) will contain a record of other written material about offshore radio as well as a comprehensive list of recordings which are known to exist from each offshore radio station.  

Details of  Audio and Video  material about offshore radio (CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, Vinyl records or VHS videos)  produced commercially or by specific interest groups can be found in the  Record Library.


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Do you have any pictures, documents or memorabilia about offshore radio which  could be added to the Museum?



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