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Felixstowe commemorates Radio Caroline

DATELINE   Felixstowe, 25th  July 2017

Six former Radio Caroline and other offshore presenters will be joining a special celebration this autumn to commemorate the pirate station’s early years on the airwaves off Suffolk. More ….

First English language offshore radio DJ Paul Hollingdale has died

DATELINE    Brighton ,  5th July  2017

Paul Hollingdale one of the first voices heard on the offshore station CNBC (the English language test transmissions from Radio Veronica), in 1961 has died at the age of 79. More ….

Former Radio Atlantis DJ and engineer Andy Anderson has died

DATELINE     5th July  2017

Former Radio Atlantis DJ and engineer, Andy Anderson has died at the age of 64. More ….

Former RNI DJ Mike Ross has died

DATELINE     26th June  2017

Former Radio Northsea International (RNI) DJ Mike Ross has died at the age of 70 following a short illness. More ….

Laser and Caroline Engineer and DJ Blake Williams has died

DATELINE     26th June  2017

Former Laser and Radio Caroline engineer and DJ, Blake Williams  passed away on 25th June 2017 following a bad asthma attack which caused severe brain damage.More ….

Ross Revenge added to National Historic Vessels Register

DATELINE    London, 1st June  2017

Radio Caroline's last ship,  Ross Revenge,  has been accepted on to the UK’s National Register of Historic Vessels. More ….

Pioneer DJ Mike Allen dies

DATELINE    Portsmouth, 26th May  2017

Mike Allen, a pioneering DJ with Britain’s second offshore radio station, Radio Atlanta, has died at the age of 86. More …..

Dave Gilbee (MacKay) dies

DATELINE    30th May  2017

Former Radio City, Radio 390, Britain Radio and Radio 355 presenter David Gilbee, (Dave Mackay) has died at the age of 75. More …..

Felixstowe commemorates Radio Caroline

DATELINE   Felixstowe, 29th  May 2017

Radio Caroline first anchored off Felixstowe in March 1964 and to mark this event the Felixstowe Society, in conjunction with Felixstowe and Offshore Radio    More ……..

Proposal for Irish pirate museum

DATELINE   Dublin, 29th  May 2017

The Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame is exploring the possibility of establishing a Museum/Gallery/Exhibition to record the history of (land=based) pirate radio in Ireland.  More ….

Radio Caroline Awarded AM licence

DATELINE   London, 19th  May 2017

Ofcom has today announced the award of five new community radio licences for medium wave (AM) services including one for Radio Caroline.  More …..

Pirate BBC Essex 2017

DATELINE   Harwich, Essex,  May 2017

BBC Essex and  the Pharos Trust have confirmed that the LV18 will again be the host for Pirate BBC Essex broadcasts in August.   More …..


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