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Radio Caroline South

Opening Date

4th July 1964 (6.00am)

Became Radio Caroline South International

(from 12midnight, 14th August 1967)

Closing Date

3rd March 1968 (5.20am)

Broadcasting Hours


(From 3rd July 1964)

Additionally 9.00pm-12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays

(from August 1965)

Initially  from Cheeta 2 restricted to 10.00am-4.00pm

(12th February 1966 – mid March 1966)

6.00am-12 midnight, later to 6.00am-2.30am

(from 30th June 1966)

24 hours

(from 6th August 1966)

Reduced to 5.30am-2.00am

(from 26th September 1967)

For more of Radio Caroline’s history see

Radio Caroline


Radio Caroline


Radio Caroline


Radio Caroline


Initially a blend of pop music, mixed with established ' middle of the road' material (still heavily promoting cover versions published by Allan Crawford’s record labels)

A format based on the "Sound 65" chart (this was later changed to the "Caroline Countdown of Sound", a Top 50 chart) (from May 1965)


Project Atlanta Ltd (to December 1965)

Planet Productions Ltd (from December 1965)


Allan Crawford

(to December 1965)

Ronan O’Rahilly

(from December 1965)

Philip Soloman

(from Februrary 1966)

Ronan O'Rahilly and Allan Crawford

Ronan O’Rahilly (left) and Allan Crawford



201m announced as 199m (1495kHz) Medium Wave (AM)

(3rd July 1964-1st May  1966)

256m announced as 259m (1169kHz) Medium Wave (AM)

(17th April 1966 (tests)

253m announced as 259m (1187kHz) Medium Wave (AM)

(25th April 1966 (tests)/27th April 1966 (regular programmes)  to 3rd March 1968)

Landbased Address

Caroline House,

6 Chesterfield Gardens, London, W1

(to 8th August 1967)

Singel 160,



(after 15th August 1967)

Mi Amigo

Mi Amigo

RCS Int jingle - Home of British music explosion.mp3 Caroline jingle - Sounds fine its Caroline.mp3 Caroline jingle - Sound of the Nation (1).mp3 Caroline jingle - personality pick to click.mp3

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