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Radio Caroline South - Programmes

Typical Caroline South Programme Schedule -

August 1965


6.00am       Tony Blackburn’s Early Show

9.00am       Gary Kemp Show

12 noon      Roger Gale Show

1.30pm       The Andrews Summer Show (sponsored by                                                                    Andrews Liver Salts)

1.45pm       The New Ones (new releases)

2.00pm       Soundtrack

3.00pm       Good Guy Disc Date

4.00pm       Tony Blackburn’s Big Line Up

5.45pm       The Chapel Show (sponsored by Chapel Pianos)

6.00pm       Caroline Club Magazine (Mike Allen)

7.00pm       The Jack Spector Show

8.00pm       Revival Time Epilogue

8.02pm       Closedown

News and Weather on the hour


6.00am       Mike Allen’s Early Show

9.00am       Caroline Continental (Gary Kemp)

10.00am     American Top 100 (Roger Gale)

12.15pm     Down Memory Lane (sponsored by Fynnon Salts,                                                      Anne Shelton)

12.30pm     The Tony Blackburn Show

1.45pm       Guest Spot (interviews with guest artists)

2.00pm       Around the West End (music from the shows and                                                        interviews)

3.00pm       Tony Blackburn’s Big Line Up

6.00pm       Caroline Club Magazine

7.00pm       Downbeat (mainly jazz) (Mike Allen)

8.00pm       Revival Time Epilogue

8.02pm       Closedown

News and weather on the hour

Radio Caroline South Programme Schedule

August 1965

‘Top Deck’ Tony Blackburn mentioning the arrival of the tender

RCS Top Deck - Tony Blackburn time check and mention of tender.mp3 A-Z Programme Index


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Mid -1966

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