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The material used in the Offshore Radio Museum comes from a personal archive of printed matter, photographs, audio and film collected over a period of  50 years. Some of the sources are unknown or now forgotten, but every possible effort has been made to comply with copyright laws where that information is available.

Certain images, although freely available from a variety of internet sources may be subject to copyright. Similarly, audio and video used in the Museum has been credited where the source is known, but tapes get passed from collector to collector and often there is no way of knowing who made the original recording. Our apologies to anyone who thinks their work has been used here without due acknowledgment.

Anyone who feels their right of enjoyment concerning any of the images, recordings or video has been prejudiced by its inclusion here is asked to contact the Museum, in order that due acknowledgement may be given.


  • To create a comprehensive online resource dedicated to preserving the history of offshore radio (and television) and make it available for education, research, social and general interest use.

  • To provide a single source of information about all aspects of offshore radio (and television)  in an easily accessible way.

  • To acknowledge and record all those who worked for the offshore stations in any capacity - as on-air presenters, engineers, technicians, management, advertising sales, administrators, or marine crew.

  • To acquire and catalogue publications, recordings, photographs, video, film  and any other historical information (or electronic copies) relating to the history of offshore radio (and television).

  • To provide access to these archives of offshore broadcasting history through the world wide web.

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