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Radio Caroline South - Key Dates

3rd July 1964

Radio Caroline South came on the air at 6.00am from the former Radio Atlanta ship, Mi Amigo

11th July 1964

The first "Caroline Club Requests" programme was aired on Radio Caroline South.


** April 1965

A  news service was introduced

24th May 1965

Caroline South  DJs were re-launched as personality "Caroline Goodguys", and the  format became based on the "Sound 65" chart

** August 1965

Radio Caroline South increased its hours of transmission with the introduction of the "Party Time" programme from 9.00pm-12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays

Autumn 1965

A Gallup poll, the results of which were not published at the time, showed that in its primary target area Caroline South had only a 0.9% audience share compared to Radio London's 14.7%

** September 1965

Negotiations open with fort based offshore station, Radio City, about a possible merger

1st October 1965

As a result of the negotiations the Radio City and Radio Caroline South sales teams merged. Radio City also started relaying Caroline’s hourly Newsbeat news bulletins.

** December 1965

Ronan O'Rahilly's Planet Productions acquired the assets of Project Atlanta and Allan Crawford resigned from Radio Caroline’s  board of directors. Plans were prepared to introduce technical improvements, particularly to Caroline South - a wavelength change and substantial increase in power



1st January 1966

The merger of sales teams with Radio City is dissolved

19th/20th January 1966

The Mi Amigo drifts from her anchorage and runs aground on Frinton beach. Five DJs, two radio engineers and a steward were taken off the ship by Breeches Buoy.

21st January 1966

The Mi Amigo is  refloated and sailed to Holland for repairs

23rd January 1966

The Mi Amigo arrived in Zaandam where she was dry docked

 ** January 1966

Britt Wadner, owner of Swedish offshore station Radio Syd (which had itself gone off the air on 18th January 1966 due to adverse weather conditions in the Baltic) offered to divert her ship Cheeta 2 to England to provide a temporary base from which Radio Caroline South could recommence broadcasts.

6th July 1964

The  Beatles' film "Hard Day's Night" premiered in London.

6th April 1965

The United States launched the Intelsat I, also known as the "Early Bird" communications satellite.

6th September 1965 India and Pakistan began a second war over Kashmir.

8th October 1965 London's Post Office Tower opened as the tallest building in England.

17th December 1965  

The British government begins an oil embargo against Rhodesia and the United States joins the effort.

24th January 1966  A Boeing 707 flying from Mumbai (Bombay) to New York, crashed on Mont Blanc, France, as it descended towards a stopover in Geneva, Switzerland. All 117 people on board died.

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