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The Offshore Radio (virtual) Museum is based on four floors of an imaginary ‘former dockside warehouse’.

It is an ever-growing ‘work in progress’, with much material still to be added – currently we are working to a three phase Development Programme:-


The Information Desk in the Main Entrance can help you navigate the site with its powerful search facility

The News Room featuring offshore radio related news items, up-dated on a regular basis

The Museum Shop where clicking through to Amazon to make your purchase will help support the work of the Museum

the mast Coffee Shop is where you can feedback your views about the Museum and memories of the offshore stations

Gallery 1, where you can learn the background to why the offshore stations were launched in the first place;  international law and regulations which enabled them to be established;  early attempts to launch commercially funded stations from foreign bases and early attempts to set up ship-based broadcasting stations.

A Special Exhibitions area where small, focused exhibitions are housed  


Gallery 16 - recording details of offshore radio  as featured in films and television programmes

Museum Administration containing information (the boring bits!) about Museum policies for issues such as cookies, copyright and accessibility, as well as our Mission Statement and contact details.

Library and Archive – this is a massive project in itself and new material is being added constantly, eventually producing a comprehensive record of offshore radio related publications as well as audio and video material.

We have started with the Library, cataloguing books, magazines, newsletters and fanzines  which have been published about, or with references to, offshore radio stations and broadcasters.

The Archive (which is not yet developed)  will eventually contain a catalogue of known recordings of the offshore stations.

Gallery 17 The Hold featuring a miscellany of articles relevant to offshore radio, but not included in any of the main Galleries.

Record Library - listing vinyl, CD  and cassette recordings issued about offshore radio stations or containing offshore radio relevant material.


This is the core of the Museum with Galleries 2-8 containing information about each offshore radio station, grouped geographically around the world.

Each station has a ‘pinboard’ of essential information, followed by detailed history, key dates, ship and location, technical, staff  and programme ‘scrapbook’ style pages. Some stations also have ‘Treasure Chest’ pages with rare archive material not already included in other sections.


This floor contains Galleries with more specialist information relevant to the history of offshore broadcasting.

Gallery 9  Jingles and Station IDs – a history of the use of jingles which gave the stations their distinctive identity

Gallery 10  Supporters’ Groups - featuring the history of various groups established to support  the offshore stations

Gallery 11 - News Services - explaining how various offshore stations delivered their news services

Gallery 12  Ships and Sea Structures – detailed information about the vessels and structures used to house the offshore stations, often with additional details of their pre and post offshore radio history.

Gallery 15  Offshore TV - featuring the history of offshore television stations

More specialist galleries will eventually be opened on Floor 2 to cover other aspects of offshore broadcasting history.

Enjoy your visit to the Museum, please return on a regular basis to see what additional material we’ve added – and remember we’re open 24/7/365 !