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Radio Caroline 1980s - Programmes

Typical Radio Caroline  Programme Schedule -

September 1983

6.00am    Peter Clark

10.00am  Andy Archer

2.00pm    Robin Ross

6.00pm    Simon Barrett

10.00pm  Carl Kingston

2.00am    Closedown


Typical Radio Caroline Programme Schedule -

October 1984

6.00am    Johnny Lewis

9.00am    Grant Benson

12noon     Alton Andrews

3.00pm    Paul McKenna

6.00pm    Dave Richards

10.00pm  Tom Anderson

2.00am    Stewart Vincent

Typical Caroline  558 Programme Schedule -

December 1988

5.00am        Ian Mack

9.00am        Nigel Harris

1.00pm        Dave Asher

4.00pm        Steve Richards

7.00pm        Neil Gates

9.00pm        Tony Kirk

11.00pm      Kevin Nelson

12 midnight  Closedown


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