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Radio  Hauraki was a truly unique offshore radio station -

Radio Hauraki still broadcasts today, albeit now owned part of a large media group, but the station’s foundations were laid 50 years ago and it’s challenge to the established broadcasting service at the time opened up the market to allow numerous other independent commercial radio stations to be established throughout New Zealand.

This Special Exhibition looks at the foundation years of Radio Hauraki as an offshore radio station challenging the Establishment and providing listeners at the time with the radio programmes they wanted to hear - truly home of the young New Zealanders !

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The People - 1

The People - 2

New Zealand Broadcasting Structure

International  Waters

Tea Council


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special exhibition TOP OF THE DIAL

During its offshore years Radio Hauraki broadcast from these two ships -    Tiri (left) and Tiri II (right)

New Zealand

Thanks to the following who have kindly helped with information and photographs for this Special Exhibition:-

John Monks

Mikhal Norriss

Chris Prouse



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