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Radio Mercur - Technical


Top: studio on board Cheeta, with the 1.5 Kw transmitter in the background

Centre: another view of the Cheeta’s studio

Bottom: Radio Mercur’s original landbased studio

Above: studio on board Cheeta 2

Left: Tage Roepke in the studio on board Lucky Star


(Claimed power)


1.5Kw  (ERP 20Kw from a directional aerial) home built transmitter. Power increased to 14Kw in November 1958

Cheeta 2

21Kw  Siemans transmitter

Lucky Star

20 Kw Siemens transmitter

Aerial Heights


98’ (30m) approx

Cheeta 2

Lucky Star

111’ (34m)

Above: the directional aerial on board Lucky Star

Photo: Erik Lindhart

Studio on Lucky Star

Photo: Hans Knot

Studio on Cheeta 2

Photo: Erik Lindhart

Photo: Erik Lindhart

Radio Mercur landbased studio


Technical equipment on board the original Cheeta was relatively primitive and largely home built by William Petersen, a bicycle mechanic and amateur radio enthusiast.

Mixing consoles and amplifiers were also built by Petersen for recording programmes in the landbased studio and for playback from the ship.

Although this primitive equipment was later supplemented by professional standard items, (Telefunken consoles, Phillips tape recorders) much of it remained in use throughout Radio Mercur’s four years on air.

Cheeta 2 had more sophisticated, Siemens professional equipment on board.

Lucky Star had professional standard equipment installed when it was converted for use as a radio ship by DCR:-

Lyrec72 and Magnavox playback reel-to-reel tape machines

Photos:  Hans Knot

studio on cheeta

Photo: Ingemar Lindqvist

Photo: Ingemar Lindqvist

Above: Ove Andersen with the transmitter on board Lucky Star

Below: recording programmes in the Gentofte studios.

Photo: Henrik Norgaard

Above : Technician in the studio

QSL Cards

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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