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Panama Baltic Shipping Company (registered in Panama) – owned the ships and transmitting equipment.

International Mercur Radio Anstalt (registered in Liechtenstein) – leased the ships and transmitting equipment from Panama Baltic Shipping Company.

Radio Mercur A/S (registered in Denmark) – chartered the ship from International Mercur Radio Anstalt.


Ib Fogh, Peter Jansen and Borje Agerskov

(to January 1962)

Benny Knusden,  Borje Agerskov and Alex Brask Thomsen

(from January 1962 following the merger with DCR)

Broadcasting Hours

7.30am - 9.30am, 5.00pm -12 midnight

Following the introduction of Cheeta 2, with two onboard transmitters, the broadcasting hours for Danish Radio Mercur became:-


5.55am -11.00am,   

2.00pm -12 midnight


5.55am -12 midnight


12 midnight - 1.00am, 9.00am -12 midnight

A stereo service (using both transmitters on board Cheeta 2) was also broadcast at the following times:-

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2.00-3.00pm


1.15pm - 12 midnight


1.00pm – 2.00pm


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Landbased Address

Administration and Recording


First - Ib Rasmussens home in Humlebaek

Second -Maltegardsvej 24, Gentofte, Copenhagen

Third – Adolfsvej 61, Gentofte, Copenhagen

Advertising:  (Radio Mercur A/S)

First  - Norrevoldgade15, Copenhagen

Second  - Roemersgade 9, Copenhagen

Third - Sortedams Dossering 55 Copenhagen

Radio Mercur also acquired the former Norrebro Theatre in Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen and renamed it Radio Mercur City. It was used to stage and record concerts promoted by the station.


93.12mHz FM (July to September 1958)

89.2mHz then 89.55mHz FM (from September 1958)

89.6mHz FM (from 16th November 1960)

88mHz FM (East from 31st January 1961)

89.59mHz FM (West from November 1961)

Cheeta 2

Cheeta 2

Opening Date

2nd August 1958

(25th November 1961 Radio Mercur West)

Closing Date

10th July 1962 (Radio Mercur West)

31st July 1962 (Radio Mercur East)

Unauthorised broadcasts for 3 days from 13th-15th August 1962

Photo: jingleweb.nl

Radio Mercur

Thanks to

Ingemar Lindqvist (www.radioarkivet.se) and Henrik Norgaard (radio-mercur.dk)

for providing additional information and allowing us to use photographs and audio files from their websites