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Radio Caroline North


Planet Productions Ltd.

Astrenic SA

(A Lichtenstein registered  company which owned the MV Caroline)

Opening Date

Sailed from off the Essex coast to the Isle of Man, broadcasting throughout the voyage 3rd – 6th July 1964

As Radio Caroline North 6th July 1964

Closing Date

2nd March 1968 (10.00pm)


Ronan O’Rahilly

Phillip Soloman

(from February 1966)

Broadcasting Hours

6.00am-8.00pm and, initially the 12.05am-3.00am weekend broadcasts, (which had been started while the ship was off the Essex coast), were also continued. However, these late night programmes were soon discontinued due to staff shortages.

Later 6.00am-8.00, 9.00 or 10.00pm  and 12 midnight-2.00am



197m (announced as 199m) (1520kHz) Medium Wave (AM) (July 1964-17th December 1966)

256m (announced as 259m) (1169kHz) Medium Wave (AM) (tests from November 1966, regular programmes from 18th December 1966)

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Radio Caroline


Radio Caroline

Landbased Address

National Office  

6 Chesterfield Gardens, London W1

(to 8th August 1967)

Northern Office

61 Lord Street,

Liverpool 2

(to August 1967)

Mailing address   

P O Box 3,

Ramsey, Isle of Man

Singel 160,



(after 15th August 1967)

MV Caroline

M V Caroline


Initially a blend of pop music, mixed with established ' middle of the road' material, but clearly focused on the growing  ‘beat music’ then emanating from Liverpool and other northern cities.

A format based on the "Sound 65" chart (This was later changed to the "Caroline Countdown of Sound", a Top 50 chart) (from May 1965)

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