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Radio Antwerpen - Key Dates

**  **** 1971

Wreck of Uilenspiegel  blown by the authorities as it had become a safety hazard.


** October 1962

Uilenspiegel fitted out as a radio ship leaves Antwerp Harbour to anchor outside Belgian territorial waters off Zeebrugge.

12th October 1962

Test transmissions for Radio Antwerpen start

15th October 1962

Regular programmes begin

** November 1962

Transmissions start on shortwave

** November 1962

Uilenspiegel’s aerial collapses during a storm, but engineers carry out emergency repairs and transmissions resume the following day.

13th December 1962

Belgian Marine Offences Act passed

Georges de Calwe dies

15th/16th December 1962

Uilenspiegel was battered by strong winds and heavy seas.

16th December 1962

Uilenspiegel begins to drift, crew rescued but ship runs aground and is abandoned on Cadzand beach

4th  October 1962 The Beatles release their first single - Love Me Do

16th October 1962 US President Kennedy is informed of Soviet missiles being installed in Cuba.

14th  December 1962

Northern Rhodesia's first African-dominated government was formed under Kenneth Kaunda

28th October 1971 The British House of Commons votes  in favour of joining the European Economic Community.

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