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Radio Atlanta - Key Dates

** June 1962

Project Atlanta negotiated a deal with the American backers of Swedish offshore station Radio Nord to purchase that station's vessel, Magda Maria, complete and ready to broadcast, together with the entire contents of the fully equipped land-based studios in Stockholm

2nd August 1962

The Magda Maria docked at El Ferrol in northern Spain where a complete overhaul of the vessel took place as part of the agreement with Project Atlanta.

14th September 1962

The renovated ship (now named Mi Amigo) left El Ferrol, giving her destination as Dover, England and a few days later she dropped anchor in the Thames Estuary.

** September 1962

Following the boarding of the former Radio Mercur ship, Lucky Star by the Danish authorities some of Allan Crawford's financial backers feared that the British authorities may do the same to the Mi Amigo, now anchored in the Thames Estuary, and withdrew their funding from Project Atlanta.

** October 1962

Unable to agree a compromise the deal between the American backers of Radio Nord and Project Atlanta was called off and the Mi Amigo sailed from the Thames Estuary anchoring off the Dutch coast, near the Radio Veronica ship Borkum Riff.

** October 1962

After three weeks lying at anchor the Magda Maria entered Ostend Harbour amidst rumours about her possible future role as a base for various offshore radio and television projects



20th January 1961 US President John F Kennedy made his inaugural address from the steps of the Capitol.

5th August 1962 Actress Marilyn Monroe was found dead, apparently from an overdose of sleeping pills.

2nd September 1962

The Soviet Union believes that the US intends to attack Cuba. It agrees with Cuba to send arms to deter an attack.

19th October 1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis begins.

24th October 1962 Soviet ships on their way to Cuba receive orders to hold their position. President Kennedy says that if the US invades Cuba within the next ten days, some of the missiles in Cuba will likely be fired at US targets.

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** **** 1961

Allan Crawford, Kitty Black and Major Oliver Smedley forms CBC (Plays) Ltd to launch an offshore radio station beaming programmes to Britain - code named Project Atlanta.

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