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Radio Veronica - Technical

Right: the studio on board Borkum Riff

Below left: one of the landbased studios in 1970’s

Below right: studio on board the Norderney

Photo: Freewave Archive


Borkum Riff

1Kw  transmitter  home built by Henricus (Henk) Oswald for Radio Veronica, following advice from engineers at Danish offshore station, Radio Mercur


10Kw Continental Electrics 316C transmitter

Mi Amigo

50kW Continental Electrics 317C transmitter

Aerial Heights

Borkum Riff

Double thread T antenna, 48’ (14.6m) (2 x 24’ (7.3m) long.  Height 66’ (20m)


64’ (19m) x 2 with Marconi T antenna wire  strung between the two masts (two wires for 192m, five wires for 538m)

Mi Amigo

Original Radio Atlanta/Radio Caroline South aerial mast - 120’ (37m)

Above: Two views of the aerial array on the Norderney

Below: the transmitter on board Borkum Riff


On board tape recorders (for playback of broadcast tapes) –  

(Borkum Riff)- Grundig and Wolenzak   recorders

(Norderney)-Telefunken M24a/b, replaced in 1968 by Akai PT6011 recorders

Equipment in the Zeedijk landbased studios:-

Akai tape recorders were introduced to the landbased Hilversum studios in 1969

One of the landbased studios Norderney on board studio

Photo: Hans Knot

Early Radio Veronica QSL

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

Early QSL cards showing Borkum Riff


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1971 QSL card showing Norderney

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