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Radio Hauraki

Landbased Address

Originally - Swanson Street,  Auckland, New Zealand

Colebrook's Building,  

93/95 Anzac Avenue, Auckland 1

New Zealand

Mailing address:-

PO Box 2964, (later PO Box 1480), Auckland

New Zealand



1480 kHz (202.5m)

Broadcasting Hours


(December 1966-December 1968)

24 hours

(from December 1968)

(but frequent periods off the air due to weather and technical breakdowns as well as a month off air from 28th January 1968 – 27th February 1968, following the Tiri’s shipwreck)


Pacific Radio Advertising Ltd

David Gapes, (pictured left)     Wendy Gapes,  Derek  Lowe,

Chris Parkinson, Denis O’Callahan (Technical)

Bruce Baskett  

(left the project February 1966 before the station went on air)


David Gapes

Opening Date

From Tiri

1st December 1966 (first test transmissions begin at 8.00pm)

4th December 1966 (tests recommence at 9.00am)

4th December 1966 (regular programmes start at 11.00am)

From Tiri II

27th February 1968 (test transmissions on low power begin at 5.00pm

28th February 1968 (Regular programmes  start at 7.30am)

Closing Date

28th January 1968 (Tiri shipwrecked)

1st June 1970 (10.00 pm)

( final broadcast from offshore base)



Tiri II

Tiri II


Top 40

Photo: jingleweb.nl

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