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Radio Hauraki - Technical


An old 500 watt US Navy wartime Westinghouse TBL 13 transmitter re-built by Denis O’Callaghan -output after rebuilding approx. 1.75Kw

(transferred to Tiri II after  Tiri shipwrecked)



Over 100' (30.4m) of mast was erected, which together with a 30' (9m ) telescopic aerial

(collapsed during a storm 2nd December 1966)

A spare 50' (15.2m) section of the original structure with a 20' (6m) whip aerial

(from 4th December 1966)

A 70'(21.3m) telescopic extension was placed  on top of the Tiri's 50'(15.2m) lattice mast

(from January 1967)

Tiri II

160' (48.7m) aerial mast

(February – April 1968 – destroyed during a storm)

50’ (15.2m)  aerial mast recovered from Tiri installed

(April 1968, damaged during a storm, June 1968)

130' (39.6m) aerial mast

(installed June 1968)

On-board studio Radio Hauraki transmitter


Two views of the on board studio



Radio Hauraki’s transmitter

QSL Cards

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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Key Dates

Ships and Location




Key Dates Ships and Location Staff History

For more about Radio Hauraki visit In the Special Exhibitions Gallery on the Ground Floor TOP OF THE DIAL Radio Hauraki 50 Intro Programmes

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Above: Aerial mast on board Tiri II

Right: Base of aerial mast on Tiri II

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