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9th April 1966

First publicity about the planned Radio Hauraki appears in an article in the New Zealand Herald.

** May 1966

An on air target date was set - 11am 1st October 1966.

** July 1966

Rumours of other offshore stations being planned cause Radio Hauraki to advance its plans and the New Zealand Government to consider introducing anti-offshore radio legislation

 ** August 1966

Radio Hauraki starts converting the M.V. Tiri into a radio ship

16th September 1966

One day before setting sail the Tiri was detained by the authorities

23rd October 1966

The Radio Hauraki crew decide to set sail. The Tiri gets stuck up against the drawbridge but with help from a crowd of 200 supporters is set free and starts sailing. Eventually the police stop the Tiri and the Radio Hauraki crew were arrested.

24th October 1966

Radio Hauraki crew freed on bail

26th October 1966

Over 2,000 people attend a public meeting in the Auckland Town Hall  in support of Radio Hauraki.

7th November 1966

Radio Hauraki directors in court over the detention orders of the Tiri, they are acquitted and the court rules that the Government had detained the Tiri to stop it being used as a radio station not because it was thought to be unseaworthy.

10th November 1966

The Tiri sets sail again with no action by the authorities to prevent her leaving port this time.

11th November 1966

Tiri drops anchor outside New Zealand territorial waters, a temporary wire aerial is constructed at sea.

21st November 1966

First test transmissions but the signal was weak and distorted due to technical difficulties with the temporary wire aerial.

24th November 1966

The Tiri sailed to Tryphena so that the aerial mast could be fully erected

1st December 1966

Radio Hauraki began regular transmissions at 8.00pm.

2nd December 1966  

Strong winds make the ship drag it's anchor and the aerial mast collapsed.

3rd December 1966

The unused sections of the mast are erected on board Tiri

4th December 1966

Test transmissions start again at 9.00am, regular programmes begin at 11.00am

** November 1967

Anti-offshore broadcasting legislation, based on the British Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act, introduced into the New Zealand Parliament.

In other  N E W S

29th April 1966  

US troops in Vietnam total 250,000.

12th May 1966

In California, Ronald Reagan is running for republican nomination for governor.

15th August 1966 Syrian and Israeli troops clash for three hours on their border at the Sea of Galilee.

30th September 1966 Botswana acquires independence from British rule.

8th November 1966 Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of California.

7th December 1966 The Caribbean Island of Barbados achieves complete independence from Britain.

16th December 1966 The U.N. Security Council approves an oil embargo against Rhodesia.

31st December 1966 There are now 385,000 US troops in Vietnam.

30th November 1967 South Yemen becomes independent from Britain.

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